Scientific Research Confirms

Every child deserves a family.

Both Ends Burning manages and directs a working group of over 25 countries to reform child welfare practices. We can produce better outcomes for children acting as an independent clearinghouse for insights, a connector of diverse stakeholders, and a catalyst for in-country innovation.

The Problem

Millions of children are living outside of parental care,

damaging and destroying these children, minimizing a wealth of human potential and creating a burden on the global society.

We brought child welfare experts
from 18 countries
to Harvard University to ask
one simple question:

Why are so many children inside your country living outside of parental care?

Their answer:

We cannot solve this problem

because we cannot quantify this problem.

We don’t know how many children are vulnerable;
in fact, we don’t even know who many of these children are.

We Have Found A Solution

Our development and distribution of Children First Software, with our partner Tyler Technologies, will accelerate a new era of global child welfare where family-based care will serve at-risk children.

The world will be a better place when children are raised by parents and families, instead of warehoused in orphanages.

We have a moral, social and financial imperative to solve the orphan crisis.

Children First Software is that solution.

The Moral Case

Scientific research has proven that family care is far better than institutional care for the long-term well-being of children. We cannot do less when it is within our power to provide this basic human right.

The Social Case

Love grows kids. Children who grow up in a family are more likely to lead healthy, productive lives than those who grow up in institutions. Those who are bereft of a family are more likely to be unproductive or a burden on society.

The Financial Case

Raising children in a family environment, instead of in costly 3rd-party orphanages, has a significant economic impact. Healthy, more productive humans offer net positive financial consequences to a society.

Steps to Success, 2017 Goals
•7 Countries using Children First Software (CFS)
•100,000 Children in CFS Profile
•15,000 Children with CFS Plan
•300 Adoptions via CFS Placement

Critical Success Factors
•In-Country Program Management
•Measured Progress and Accountability
•Developing Leadership in Country
•Ongoing System Configuration

Children First pilot countries

Members of the Both Ends Burning Global Working Group

We are using data and information
to solve the orphan problem.

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