During the last few decades,
global child welfare has been
focused on two things:
survival and protection.
We think children should thrive,
not just survive!

Both Ends Burning is driving a long overdue evolution in global child welfare to include family-based solutions as a core value. Our goal for the world’s most vulnerable children is to keep them in their family AND if that is not possible, utilize sensible and efficient mechanisms to get them into another family with a sense of precision and urgency.

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Accelerating the Creation of a New Era of Global Child Welfare

What does our name mean?

Millions of children are living outside of parental care, while millions of families are eager to welcome them home. Both ends of an available solution go unfulfilled—both ends are burning. This old problem can be fixed with new ideas: mobilizing family preservation, family reunification, domestic and international adoption, and foster care programs. Our goal is to reinvent global child welfare and utilize the existing resource of available families who want to change children's lives.


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The UNSTUCK Movement Continues

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Anyone who knew Craig and Kathi Juntunen ten years ago would never have predicted their dramatic life change, resulting in adopting three children from Haiti and starting two foundations to produce positive change in the world. Their story is unique and is included in Hoda Kotb’s newest book, Where We Belong: Journeys That Show Us […]

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Craig Juntunen | The Huffington Post | June 19, 2015 In my lifetime, I have seen a lot of bad ideas. Most bad ideas quickly fade away. However sometimes bad ideas take root and linger. These bad ideas started as “good ideas” and it was only with the passage of time and new information that […]

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by Dawn Stark Each month I fill a spot on my church’s nursery schedule. As the oldest of five siblings, and the mother of five, love for little ones is pretty much hardwired into my system. It’s not some great act of service for me to work in the nursery; it’s simply what I do […]

2nd Anniversary of the Russian Adoption Ban January 13, 2015 Read more >

by Dawn Stark Some anniversaries are cause for celebration, while others are reminders of tragedy or painful loss. The Russian adoption ban is one such example of a negative anniversary. On December 28, 2012, Russian President Vladimir Putin slammed the door shut on international adoptions between the U.S. and Russia. Using parentless children as pawns […]

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