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Craig Juntunen | Huffington Post | August 13, 2014

In the course of a lifetime, there is nothing more horrific than a parent having to bury their child, especially if the child’s death could have been prevented. On August 4, 2014 Benjamin Chase Dillow died in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) under just such a circumstance. His parents did what no parent should ever have to do. They had to arrange his funeral and find the strength to say goodbye.

Unfortunately, they had to do this from their home in Kentucky.

Ben and his parents were separated not by choice, but by politics. Despite the fact Ben had been legally adopted, and his parents had secured his passport, and a US orphan visa issued by our Embassy, the Dillows could not get an exit letter from the DRC government to bring him home.

Instead of raising their son to live a life of promise and possibilities, the Dillows were forced to watch Ben’s health deteriorate, helpless to intervene. Ben Dillow died without his parents by his side, and he died when he should have lived.

If tragedy is the place between reality and what might have been, Ben’s death is the ultimate tragedy. Continue reading…

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