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by Craig Juntunen

We woke up to a single digit temperature, fresh snow on the ground and a welcome day of rest in Denver. Ron will have a chance to get caught up on some much needed sleep, Samar might do some shopping and, in addition to giving a talk tonight at the University of Denver, I will try to respond to pages of emails.

Denver, COThis quiet day will give me an opportunity to reflect on the tour and the UN-STUCK MOVEMENT that is being formed. Denver will be the 30th opportunity to share the STUCK experience, and even with my limited math abilities I realize we are already about halfway on our journey across this wondrous country.

Six months from the original idea of touring the country in a bus to build the UN-STUCK MOVEMENT and in that half of a year, the movement has become a vibrant reality. A determined force to get kids unstuck and into families grows every day.

The movement does have a recognizable heartbeat. This is more than idle energy…we are on the move! 18,000 miles, armed with a motion picture that tells of a profound truth. That truth is mobilizing a population. The truth is it is time to force the issue.

Craig in DenverThe Step Forward for Orphans March is 38 days away. The march will be a showdown between common sense and bureaucracy.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this. The journey has delivered much to me. This is a beautiful country filled with decent and graceful people who care about making wrong things right. Along the way I have been in a number of places I used to live. Yesterday, we stopped in Vail, CO, for a few minutes so I could put my feet on the ground in a place we used to call home. Being back gave me pause to reflect on my life and times, and more importantly on why I am on this bus.

Denver, COAs we pass through some of the places we used to work and live, I realize all of the opportunities and possibilities I have had. The other side of the knife-edge is millions of kids who have NO opportunity of a meaningful future, simply because our leaders are not willing to dedicate the time and the resources to find better ways to get them out of orphanages and into families.

It is time for a showdown to get these kids UN-STUCK. It is time to rise up and make a statement that we, the people , are no longer willing to accept this unacceptable lack of basic human responsibility.

I hope you can join us on May 17th.

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