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by Craig Juntunen

A quiet day in Omaha yesterday gave me some downtime to reflect on where we have been and where we are going. The tour has visited 39 cities and going forward from Des Moines we will have the opportunity to visit an additional 22 cities and continue to establish relationships with people who possess a ‘can do’ attitude.

The tour has been extremely gratifying and has exceeded even my lofty expectations.

I have been reminded how beautiful this country is and, more importantly, inspired by connecting with thousands of good people who really care about making something wrong right.

The STUCK tour has been and will continue to be an amazing experience and phenomenon. What many don’t know is how quickly this all happened. STUCK won the Heartland Film Festival late in October. The idea of the tour only came to me in mid-November. Details were kicked around and examined amid the holiday activities in December. Our first formal planning meeting with Goldwyn was in New York on January 7th. The tour officially started 41 days later on February 28th. If you told anyone all we needed was 41 days to organize a nationwide bus tour with all its moving parts, the overwhelming consensus would be, “it will never happen, it is not nearly enough time.”

Looking back at the timeline, my thinking probably was not realistic, but then again, you don’t produce great outcome by thinking in realistic terms.

images1When I tell people how fast this came together, most people are more than amazed: they are shocked. But it did, and is happening, because of the people involved. Julie and the entire team in Scottsdale have literally worked around the clock agreeing there would be no more weekends until May 18th. This commitment is now shared by over 700 volunteers across this country who raised their hands to make a sacrifice to change kids’ lives.

What is happening is nothing short of remarkable. To everyone involved, I want to say thank you for your leadership in creating this movement. To those that I have met along the way, I value our time together and for those I am about to meet, I look forward to the opportunity to get acquainted.

The UN-STUCK movement is not about complaining about a problem: it is about producing outcome, the outcome of more kids in a family.

750 people have come together to create a results-driven movement. Revitalizing international adoption as one method in a broad-based comprehensive program to facilitate at-risk children to join a family is a measurable endeavor. 750We will be able to asses our efforts and impact by the reported numbers of all adoption activity worldwide each year.

Producing results will be a function of our vision, our leadership, our ability to raise the money for sustainability and the persistent will to take a long-term approach. Success will not happen organically. It is going to come down to 750 people and our willingness to take ownership of this movement.

750 people have produced a remarkable nationwide tour with virtually no lead time. I can’t tell you how many people said it would never happen or work. Likewise, there will always be plenty of constant chatter of why the UN-STUCK movement won’t work every day from here on out.

Instead of listening to that chatter, I will bet on this group of 750 people and what we can achieve, for as a team we already have a track record of defeating the odds.


P.S.: Our current critical effort: 5,000 people to join the march in D.C. I know, that may not be realistic…but then, none of us appear to be constrained by realistic thinking.

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