Children First Software Program

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We are certain capturing and utilizing dependable and reliable information will begin to change children’s lives.

One way we are “doing something” to revolutionize child welfare is distributing and supporting our Children First Software to our global working group. Children First Software is a innovative new tool, developed by Tyler Technologies for Both Ends Burning to serve every child’s human right, and basic human need to grow up in a loving family. Global child welfare has traditionally focused on two things, survival and protection. Although these are undoubtedly critical programs, these strategies stop short of serving the human potential in every child. Children First Software was created to address this void in child welfare programs, and as the tool extends around the globe, it will revolutionize the way the countries serve their most vulnerable children.

Many countries have no idea how many children are living outside of a family or who these children are. The lack of this basic information paralyzes social workers. Knowing the identity, health, family status, and geographic location of vulnerable children could direct programs and resources to better serve them by allowing social workers to take action with a sense of confidence and urgency. This critical information will drive family reunification, foster care, and adoption programs. The Children First Software assesses the scope of the vulnerable population and ultimately determines a proactive plan to produce the best outcome for every child in need of a family.

The History of Children First Software

The Children First Software program is a remarkable development. The pilot took place in two countries: Guatemala and Honduras. Our technology partner, Tyler Technologies, designed and built a prototype mobile software tool and our two partner countries deployed the system during the first quarter of 2016, involving hundreds of children.

The software has three key functional features to impact children’s lives:

  • IDENTIFY — a comprehensive census and tracking module
  • DETERMINE — a family-based best outcome for each child
  • MONITOR — progress to fulfill determined best outcome

This pilot program was created during days of brainstorming with high-ranking officials from the participating countries; representatives from Both Ends Burning, Buckner Adoption and Maternity Services, Gladney Center for Adoption and Tyler Technologies; and prominent operational and organizational consultants.

What started as a possibility to build a census tool grew into something much more profound. This experimental pilot challenged the current expectations of child welfare by proactively identifying a goal or a best outcome for a child, and the monitoring of the day to day progress to achieve that outcome.

Our Children First pilot program in Central America represented an innovative approach to serve the needs of vulnerable children. We showcased the results of the first phase launch at the our Global Symposium in April 2016, and the pilot is underway in Guatemala and Honduras. In September 2016, we announced the addition of four countries to the program: Bolivia, Chile, Dominican Republic and Haiti.


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