Spread the Word: Host A House Party

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By hosting a STUCK House Party YOU can:

• Raise awareness of the global child welfare crisis
• Connect your friends and acquaintances to the Both Ends Burning campaign
• Prompt their action and active participation in efforts to bring un-parented children into families


Ignorance is Bliss

This saying came to mind after the STUCK house party (and after each viewing in which I have had the opportunity to witness others’ reactions). The truths uncovered in STUCK, about the dysfunction that is International Adoption, are always met with shock and dismay. I truly believe the majority of people thought that things went smoothly: requisite paperwork and analyses, then the children are home.

Having the house party, viewing the film and the rich discussion which occurs after are beginning to set a fire. Once you know something, you can’t un-know it. My guests now know that children are unnecessarily languishing in institutions; information they now can’t un-know. Their voices are joining with hundreds of thousands of others in pushing their elected officials to make a change.

The House Party is a nice time to spend with friends/family, watch a meaningful documentary and then have relevant conversation about what to do with this newly learned information.

Ignorance is Bliss quickly changes to Knowledge is Power.

—Ruth Kerr, Seattle, WA

How to get started

We are committed to helping you create an interesting party promoting a special interaction with your friends and neighbors. Your party will be a meaningful gathering as you and your neighbors discuss new and important information presented by the highly acclaimed and award winning film STUCK.

We will help you customize your party and be available for you along the way to help you organize your event. The first step is to contact Jennifer Cawthon at (480) 699-5161, or fill out the information below.

Jennifer will assist you with everything you need to create an evening your friends won’t forget.

Once you have a date set, we will ship you a House Party kit AT NO CHARGE.

Your House Party kit will contain:
Link for your house party invitation ready to be customized for your event
A conversation guide to be used after the screening
Assorted STUCK and Both Ends Burning merchandise
How to get involved information, for those asking “What can I do?”

An example of the Event Agenda
from a successful party:

30 minutes Arrival, greeting and snacks

90 minutes Introduce and watch the film

20-30 minutes
Discuss the film and answer questions
Share a personal story of a STUCK family
Discuss critical follow up and
opportunities to get involved


This is your party, and it can follow any format you wish to use. Some build a dinner event around the film, others simply serve dessert during the Q&A conversation after the film, there are no boundaries to what you can do. This is a party, like the hundreds of parties you have been to or hosted. What is different is the centerpiece of this party is an emotional and gripping film exposing a silent social tragedy. Most parties are an array of idle chit chat or small talk. THIS PARTY will be different. After the film, the discussion of what we should and can be doing to serve at-risk children will be enlightening and is guaranteed to be one of the more meaningful conversations you and your neighbors have had in a long time.

If you are ready to really do something unique for your friends and neighbors,


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We will contact you within 24 hours of your submission to get your House Party started.

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