Fundraise for YOUR group or organization

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STUCK Helps Fund YOUR Organization

The STUCK tour created an emotional theatrical experience. You now can create your own meaningful experience and make money at the same time. All organizations, including ours, require funding which—as we all know—is hard to come by. We hope you will consider purchasing the STUCK Private License to raise funds for your organization. Instead of putting your efforts into a car wash or a bake sale to raise money for those sports uniforms, think about this win-win opportunity.

Show STUCK, sell 30 tickets at $10 each and you already covered the cost of the PLA. All additional proceeds benefit your organization.

The STUCK Private License will enable you to:
Raise funds for your organization
Generate awareness about the orphan crisis and support the Both Ends Burning Campaign’s efforts
Promote family and get your kids involved while creating a meaningful and important community event
Raise money for another cause in your community

How Does the STUCK Private License Work?

Just fill out the application and include your one-time fee of $300. You will then receive a DVD copy of STUCK and the rights to show the film in public. As a fundraiser, you can sell tickets to your screening of STUCK at any price you desire. You can purchase the Private License on an individual basis as well. STUCK DVDUse this opportunity to raise money for a charity of your choice (such as Both Ends Burning), or simply for a profit. This could create a positive revenue stream for your organization or charity, while generating awareness about the orphan crisis. A win-win!

With your Private License purchase you are also eligible to purchase STUCK DVDs and Both Ends Burning and STUCK merchandise at a discounted rate. Choose to give these as gifts or sell them at a price you establish for another fundraising opportunity. Both Ends Burning will supply you with STUCK posters and personalized fliers to help promote your STUCK screening.

How Do I Get Started?

Download and fill out the Private License Application to get started NOW! Contact us for more details or if you have any questions.

We hope that the STUCK Private License is able to bring a unique and interesting fundraising opportunity to your organization or charity all while continuing the ongoing efforts of Both Ends Burning to create awareness about the orphan crisis.

A Private License Application is required to show the STUCK DVD in a public facility.
“Viewings outside of the home, such as in a community center, house of worship
or any public facility require a license. ” Title 17 of the U.S. Copyright Law

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