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Both Ends Burning has launched several petitions. Below are our active petitions. By lending your name to these petitions, you will help us to advance these efforts:

Lift the suspension of adoptions from Nepal

This petition calls on the US Government to end its suspension of adoptions from Nepal. The petition was started by families whose cases were pending when the US Government stopped adoptions. Their ordeal and the rationale for re-opening Nepal are provided in our report titled Paper Chains, available on our Nepal page.

Closed Petitions

All children everywhere need families: help right a wrong

This petition calls on Members of Congress to co-sponsor the Children In Families First Act (CHIFF) which seeks to correct shortcomings in US Foreign Policy regarding the basic human right of every child to be raised in a permanent loving family. It seeks structural changes within the State Department and US AID that would align US foreign policy and foreign aid with this human right and make needed improvements to the international adoption

End the DRC Exit Letter Suspension for legally adopted children

There are hundreds of children in Democratic Republic of Congo who have been fully, finally, and lawfully adopted by American families and yet they are being kept from their families due to reasons that shift with the seasons. This crisis is now more than 500 days old, and these children deserve to come home now.

White House petition to help kids stuck in DRC

This petition asks President Obama to personally engage with President Kabila and resolve the DRC Adoption Crisis. The petition is hosted on the White House website.

Make a child’s right to a family our priority

This petition is addressed to leaders of all world governments and directors of international child welfare organizations. It challenges them to make changes in policy needed to bring orphaned children into permanent families and to remove barriers to international adoption.

Help resolve the pending adoptions from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

This petition specifically focuses on Congolese children who have been legally adopted by American families, but who are unable to come home with their adoptive parents because of a decision by the DRC to suspend the issuance of “exit permits” for all adopted children.

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