National Step Forward for Orphans Day

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Step Forward for Orphans

May 16, 2015

The 3rd annual National Step Forward for Orphans Day is scheduled for Saturday, May 16, 2015. Organized by Both Ends Burning to raise public awareness and promote change for the millions of un-parented children in the world, BEB volunteers and supporters will step forward in their communities to give a voice to this human rights crisis.

Three Ways to Get Involved

On May 16 you can partner with us to raise awareness in your community and help Both Ends Burning defend every child’s right to a permanent, loving family. As we did last year, we are looking for volunteers to celebrate this 3rd anniversary with community Step Forward events and online Click Forward activities. In addition, we are also setting a goal to host events in 20 cities and raise $20,000 for the annual Step Forward campaign. Here is how you can get involved:

Option #1

Volunteers can Step Forward in their own communities by participating in area events, such as organizing a team to Step Forward for Orphans Day in a local 5K run. There are also many others options for creating your own awareness event. Last year’s volunteers organized local marches, held screenings of STUCK, and handed out fliers at MLB baseball games.Click Forward for Orphans

Option #2

Volunteers can help us Click Forward and build awareness virtually. Our goal this year is to create a social media “thunderclap” on May 16. This will involve Twitter and Facebook outreach campaigns, as well as the promotion of new online pledge or petition.

Option #3 New in 2015

Volunteers can help us raise $20,000 in the Step Forward campaign by personalizing a fundraising page to share with friends and family. Donations will help BEB educate world leaders about the harm that occurs to children living in orphanages and to implement specific programs designed to transform the lives of these kids.

We want to empower you to create meaningful and successful events in your community to build awareness that “Children Belong in Families, not Institutions”.

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