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by Craig Juntunen

All movies need an identity. Potential audiences and distributors require an informational snapshot of a film to make a viewing decision. In a world guided by snap judgments, any filmmaker or producer must be able to communicate ‘what the film is about’ very quickly.

20130413_191658STUCK is more than a documentary, it is a love story. STUCK is about kids, love and the significance of family. STUCK tells how the power of love defeats a ridiculous process and stubborn government priorities that surprisingly and tragically deny children any chance to belong in a family.

STUCK proves that love grows kids.

Tonight in the front row of the Memphis audience sat Katie and Dan. I did not know this until the Q&A, but they are related to one of the families whose story is told in the film.

20130413_210759They told the audience how they lived with the senseless struggle to bring a child home, but more importantly, they were able to articulate that indeed, love grows kids, as they vividly described the “after” picture. They told the audience how remarkable it has been to watch a child blossom and evolve so quickly and how being connected to a permanent loving family has transformed a child.

Their testimony underscores the WHY of the tour and the movement. The formula is simple. Remove children from an orphanage, put them in a family and watch what happens. According to common sense, science and Dan and Katie, a remarkable transformation of human potential will occur right before your very eyes.

20130413_212712Love grows kids. It is what every child needs most.

“Why do those in charge refuse to acknowledge this?” was the final question of the evening, and it is this question that explains why this movement is growing so fast.

Tupelo is our next stop and I am looking forward to continuing the conversation.

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