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by Craig Jutnunen


At the after party tonight, I had an interesting discussion that started with a few of us but soon expanded to a small circle of new-found friends. The topic of conversation was the abundance of research that points to a child’s basic need for a permanent loving family. All studies conclude that a child is far better off growing up in a family than an orphanage and those who experience their childhood in a family possess higher IQ and basic brain activity.

As the conversation continued we all agreed that our experiences and common sense clearly indicate the choice of a childhood in an orphanage or a family is the prototypical “no brainer.” But what the after party group in Sacramento was flabbergasted by is how the global community seems to be choosing to ignore the science and evidence.

Someone then asked “Why in the world does the process have to take 33 months?” (on average). This data point is stunning new information for most of the audiences and it was for tonight’s audience. As the conversation of the lengthy delays and lethargic management of the process continued we were reminded by a couple in the group that there is even more science that tells us every day matters in the developmental cycle of every child.

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The energetic and passionate conversation wound itself down as we agreed society should be embarrassed by refusing to recognize experiences, obvious facts, common sense and, most importantly, the science that showcase the precipitous decline in adoption activity represents a true social absurdity.

As everyone went their way into the parking lot I was grateful to have been part of the discussion with these new members of our movement. Ignoring what we know to be true is a foolish act, and as we begin the long 12-hour drive to Portland tonight, April Fool was out in a brand new context.

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