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by Craig Juntunen


“You may choose to look the other way,
but you can never say again that you did not know.”

William Wilberforce

The energy in Seattle was amazing, and I do have to say that our volunteer team produced a remarkable evening. I am very grateful for this team’s effort and support, and it was meaningful to have many of the team join us on the bus afterwards to celebrate the evening.

Seattle is known for its progressive thinking. The information that bureaucracy and government politics stands between children and a loving family really gave them more than something to think about: they are ready to join the fight. Seattle VolunteersAt the end of the town hall meeting, people pulled out their phones and went to work to grow the movement on the spot by sharing information through Facebook, Instagram and encouraging their social networks to go to StuckDocumentary.com to watch the film and connect to the tour.

We also experimented last night to start putting a face, or more appropriately faces, on our message.

The face of a child. We asked the audience to share pictures of their kids that are home, and for a few, of their kids that are stuck…the point is every child should be home with a family and no child should be STUCK.

The experiment worked (typical Seattle) and the images of children’s faces went flying into cyber space to humanize the message that no child should be STUCK. To show you a bit of the character of the audience in Seattle: as soon as I said, “We want to try something tonight, that may help us make an impact, an experiment of sorts,” the audience leaned forward and was all in.

It worked…so I will try it again tonight.

We also had the privilege of having the Connors family join us. Mike and April are special friends and make a valuable contribution as part of the film. ConnorsThey also have 4 wonderful children: two biological children, one adopted from Gautemala and one adopted from Haiti. I often refer to the Connors family as the family of the future, and they can serve as a role model family. As our movement grows in the years ahead, I know there will be more families like the Connors. The family of the future can tell us that family is family irrespective of how the family is formed. The Connors family, like all families who have been formed by the wonder of adoption, show us there should be no bias to only biological parenting and love is formed not by blood, but by the bond that forms through nurturing experiences.

Kids are kids. Love is love. Families are families.

You may choose to look away, but once you have been part of the STUCK experience you can never say you did not know.

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