Craig Juntunen, Speaker

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If your organization is looking for an inspirational and motivational speaker, you may want to considering having our founder Craig Juntunen speak at your event. Craig is recognized by governments and NGOs all over the world as a determined and passionate child welfare advocate.

Craig has been public speaking for forty years, and he has inspired a wide range of audiences. He has spoken at the Congressional Theater; many universities as a commencement speaker, such as Washington State University, the University
of Idaho, and the University of Oregon; and as a keynote speaker for many organizational events like the Center for Adoption Policy Conference and the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit. Craig is an exceptional speaker, motivator and visionary leader, with a powerful personal experience grounded in the spirit of how the human condition can make anything possible.

Craig has been featured in television and radio broadcasts all over the country. In his early life,
he was heavily involved in athletics playing quarterback for 14 seasons. He was elected into the State of Idaho Athletic Hall of Fame and the University of Idaho Hall of Fame. His experience as a leader on the field led to his strong leadership as an entrepreneur. He built and sold a successful company and at the age of 43 set out to live the life of retirement. On a exploratory trip to Haiti, the most desperate country in the nation, Craig’s life was changed forever and his empowering journey of profound transformation began.

Craig can speak to your group on any number of topics, but most importantly, he has a strong hold on innovation and how change begins from within. His entrepreneurial leadership has formed a global working group of twenty seven countries (and growing) serving as a collaborative coalition to change the world.

To learn more about booking Craig for your next event,
please contact Jennifer Cawthon or call 1-877-908-5161.

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