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by Craig Juntunen

Spokane was one of two cities we added to the original tour itinerary, and after the experience of tonight we are all very glad we did. This ‘add on’ circumstance meant we had less lead time to promote the event, yet we still had a remarkable turnout.

Spokane It has been very rewarding to witness the power of the STUCK message mobilize community after community to provoke social change. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” And after 28 cities (I think), there is an organic sense of ownership and responsibility emerging to become agents of change. I have never been part of anything so socially significant and it is amazing to connect with strangers so quickly. I really believe the audiences are sincere: people will follow through and continue to support the movement.

We had the privilege to hear from Greg. He and his wife have adopted 10 children. It was a simple and purposeful choice for them  to create their family in this way. Society may have been skeptical, but they always trusted it was the way to proceed. His story touched all of us but the underlying message was inspiring. Spokane As we continue to discuss the enormous regulation and unnecessary red tape connected with adoption, we understand that today that society has a basic mistrust of adoption.

Meeting Greg and others like him have allowed us to realize how many wonderful people can provide a family for a child. We do not subject biological parents to any scrutiny or regulation. Society trusts what goes on when people give birth and raise a child. The bureaucratic obstacle course of adoption and the abundance of redundant regulation reinforce that biological parenting is natural and ’right’ and adoption is a second-class method to form a family. Hearing Greg’s story and weaving it with the other wonderful family stories that we have heard on the road, spit right in the face of the skepticism surrounding adoption.

SpokaneOnce again, tonight in Spokane, we witnessed how adoption works. Duke Scoppa says in STUCK, “Some see adoption as a back-up plan, but it is not. In many cases it is the plan,” and hearing the stories as we are hearing all over the country, the plan could be a wonderful tool to serve the world’s at risk children.

If we could only trust it. It could be the change many of us wish to see in the world.

8 hours to Boise!

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