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This page is a mock-up of one page in our future annual reports. We have 27 countries in our Global Working Group, and we randomly selected Ethiopia simply to serve as an example. What this page shows is how data and information from each country will help manage a drive future actions and programs.

Both Ends Burning Annual Report 2021 | Results by Country

Ethiopia | Children First Program | Family-Based Outcomes

Ethiopia demonstrated strong overall growth in family-based outcomes for vulnerable children in 2021, with all four family categories increasing in total numbers of children served. The largest actual growth was in family reunification: 2020 had 6,231 children reunified with their biological family compared to 10,621 in 2021 (59% increase).

Pie Chart | Reunification 10,621 | Foster Families 3,152 | Domestic Adoption 2,675 | International Adoption 4,375 | Still in Process 12,823

Number of Children Registered in 2021: 33,671 | Total Number of Children in Program to Date: 83,421

International adoption also showed significant growth with a 47% increase from 2020. France and the United States represented the largest receiving countries in total volume. Australia owns the biggest percent increase in receiving children from Ethiopia with a 315% growth rate from the previous year. Ethiopia reduced the total average processing time for international adoptions—from 33 months (2017) to 7 months in 2021—a 79% improvement, the greatest reduction in our Global Working Group, and a significant benefit to adoption-ready children.

In 2021, 20,823 children joined a family due to to the Children First program, a significant jump from the 13,261 family-based solutions in 2020 (64% increase).

Ethiopia expects continued growth in 2022 in all categories due to an increase in social worker capacity supported by a grant from [your company name here]. Currently, 149 social workers have been trained and are using the Children First Software.

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